Choosing the right kitchen designer

1_7Kitchen designers can help any homeowner turn their kitchen into the heart of their home. Your kitchen needs to serve many purposes: a place to cook, place to eat, a gathering place for friends and family, to do homework, and command central for dinner parties. Kitchen designers can help ensure that your kitchen is well laid out, easy to use, and pleasing to the eye. However, interviewing several kitchen designers before making your selection is a must!

You need to evaluate several designers will you think understand how to make your kitchen usable and beautiful all at the same time. You need a list of questions to ask each of the kitchen designers you interview. By asking the right questions, you can collect a great deal of information to help you make your selection decision. Here are some questions you should definitely ask the kitchen designers you decide to interview.

Interviewing Kitchen Designers – Question #1: Can I Review Examples of Your Past Work?

Samples of past kitchen design work is a must. You need to know if the designers have experience creating a number of different kitchen design options and ideas to consider. You should eliminate any kitchen designers who seemingly use the same design elements over and over again. Instead, you want a designer who can be versatile and eclectic in style and design choices. You want to interview designers who are creative thinkers with the ability to clearly communicate their design concepts.

Interviewing Kitchen Designers – Question #2: How Long Have You Been Working as a Kitchen Designer?

It is important how much experience each of the kitchen designers you are interviewing possess. You will want to choose a designer who has experience because they will be better prepared to be flexible and versatile to meet needs for your kitchen in specific.

Interviewing Kitchen Designers – Question #3: How Many Kitchen Designs Will You Give Me to Choose From?

Generally, designers typically provide at least three designs for your kitchen. You should not choose a designer that is only willing to offer one or two. The more choices you have exposes you to more design ideas that can help create the final design that truly meets your needs and tastes in décor. Incorporating ideas from several design options is not uncommon and will result in final design work that is esthetically pleasing and functional for you.

Interviewing Kitchen Designers – Question #4: How Will Labor be Handled?

This is a good question. Some kitchen designers prefer to choose their own contractors while others do not mind if you have contractors that you would rather choose. However, this will need to be established while you are interviewing the designers.

If you ask these questions of a potential designer, you will find it much easier to choose the right professional for your own kitchen remodeling project.

And be sure to research kitchen remodeling costs and their return on investment as you interview kitchen designers so you can be sure to get the best return on your remodeling budget.

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