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1_4Finding the right kitchen remodelers can make the difference between your project being one that is pleasant and rewarding or a constant struggle laced with one headache after another. You’re about to embark on what will definitely be an adventure-remodeling your kitchen. Remodeling your kitchen can be a huge undertaking. Kitchen renovation costs money, interrupts your daily routine and takes and takes a tremendous amount of effort. You want to work with a reliable remodeler. Here are five essential tips regarding the process of evaluating kitchen remodelers and making your old kitchen, new again.

Kitchen Remodelers Tip #1:
Know What You Need

Get informed before interviewing potential kitchen remodelers. For example, when you start performing research you’ll see that there are a lot of choices when it comes to appliances, cabinets and other items. Many models will have some enticing features. Of course, the question is do you really need certain features? Before making any decisions take some time to write down the reasons you’ve decided to renovate your kitchen and what you need to function properly in the room. Start there, as this will help to contain costs. Also, all of this research will give you the ability to ask informed questions when interviewing kitchen remodelers and help keep you on track regarding your real needs.

Kitchen Remodelers Tip #2
Research, Research and More Research

The more information you have the better your chances are of selecting the person from the field of kitchen remodelers. Research every aspect to ensure their reliable. In addition, research appliances, floors, cabinets, etc. Get to know the industry and the market inside and out. You can never have enough knowledge especially when a kitchen remodeling project is concerned.

Kitchen Remodelers Tip #3
Ask Questions

Make a list of questions to ask the kitchen remodelers you decide interview. The questions should be the same for each person but always leave room for follow-ups or additional queries that may arise. General categories include those related to products they recommend, services, warranties, and guarantees. Also ask about their staff, subcontracting, experience, and their reliability. Make sure the kitchen remodelers you are interviewing are licensed and insured.

Kitchen Remodelers Tip #4
Cheap is Not Always a Deal

Kitchen remodelers that quote you the cheapest price can end up costing you cash in the future. Shoddy craftsmanship, poor scheduling by the remodeler and inferior products can not only make your experience in the kitchen a disaster, it can lessen the resale value of your home.

Select a reliable remodeler and always go with quality. Quality does not mean expensive. As an example, there are many quality cabinets that are made from hardwood, have sturdy glides and stops on drawers and tough hinges and handles on doors and include durable finishes that do not cost an arm and a leg. Look at materials first and then compare prices on cabinets that are made of the same materials and in the same manner.

Whether you are purchasing cabinets, appliances, flooring, or any other items for your renovation, be sure you have the opportunity to see a sample and if at all possible the real thing. Appliances may be viewed in a showroom, as is the case for many cabinets and various types of flooring. But seeing cabinets, counters, flooring and other such elements in action in a real home can be an enlightening experience.

Ask the kitchen remodelers you are interviewing if you can see their work and/or products in a recent renovation they’ve finished. This can offer you major insights and provide the opportunity to ask the homeowner questions about the products and contractor. And will also provide you with more confidence that the remodeler is reliable.

Kitchen Remodelers Tip #5
Check References

Any kitchen remodelers you are considering should be able to offer references that include people for whom they have recently worked. A true measure of reliability. Ask these customers questions regarding timely completion of the job, workmanship, professional behavior, and communication. Are the remodelers you are considering polite, able to address concerns, and do they return calls in a timely fashion?

Kitchen Remodelers Tip #6
Investigate All Choices

Finding a reliable remodeler means taking enough time to do so. It is always best to investigate choices and consider multiple kitchen remodelers as part of the process. And this is the case when it comes to kitchen cabinets, floors, appliances, etc. Don’t simply make a decision after reading a few brochures or talking to one or two people!

Read Six Questions to Ask Contractors For Your Kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling Project and Finding Kitchen Remodeling Contractors for your Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Project for more information about choosing who you work with on your project.

And be sure to consider kitchen remodeling costs and their return on investment as you evaluating kitchen remodelers.

We want you to be as comfortable and confident in your contractor as possible. That means being informed about what kinds of qualifications you should expect. Of course, we hope you choose Kitchen Solvers!

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