Storage Solution Options to Enhance Your Kitchen Remodel

Without proper storage, a kitchen can quickly become a mess. While many homeowners want to make their kitchens more beautiful, the vast majority of kitchen projects happen because the owner wants to make working in the kitchen easier.

When planning your kitchen remodeling project, always keep utility in mind to gain the greatest benefit and return on investment. To help you do this, here are five solutions for common storage and functionality problems.

Storage Solution Option #1 – The Corner Conundrum

5_01_1Corner cabinets are a double-edged sword. Usually, they have a larger storage space because of the added volume within the two melded cabinet areas. Sometimes getting access to all of this volume can be a hassle.

There are two easy ways to solve this problem: have a lazy Susan style revolving storage unit built into the corner cabinet, or have a swingout storage tray with a pull out extending arm. Both of these storage solution ideas make it easier to bring everything out into plain sight and find what you were looking for.

Storage Solution Option #2 – Spice and Condiment Clutter

5_01_2Storing all of your spices together can quickly turn into a jumble. Since most of these items stand upright on round bases, rooting around to find something can result in knocking down half the items in a cabinet like dominoes.

To keep everything organized and easy-to-access, consider a built-in tray in a dedicated spice drawer. This component has round cutouts that allow all spices to be visibly displayed upon pulling out the drawer.

An alternative would be a wire-frame caddy that hangs on the back of cabinets. Placing your most-used spices and condiments in this caddy can make quickly finding needed items a breeze.

Storage Solution Option #3 – U-Shaped Tray Divider

5_01_3Large flat cooking pans, trays and cutting boards are often inconvenient to store. They tend to be difficult to stack horizontally, and storing them vertically usually means when you pull one out the rest fall over.

With a U-shaped storage tray, you can keep everything lined up nicely. You could also have an open cabinet customized with dividing rods to keep everything staying upright and easy-to-find.

Storage Solution Option #4 – Musty Dish Towels

5_01_4Drying your hands or dishes with a towel can sometimes leave you wondering where to put it next.

Rather than having to toss it into the hamper or trying to improvise a drying spot, there are towel rack devices available that can be hung on any cabinet side over the sink. They can even be installed on the back of a cabinet to keep them hidden away.

Storage Solution Option #5 – Concealing Cabinets

Some cabinets are hard to reach into because of their low height or deep volume. With pull-out drawers, the entire contents of the cabinet can come to you.

5_01_5There are many different drawer systems that can be installed to fit any custom cabinet, and they all have the convenience of making stored objects easy to find. You could even use them to line your entire pantry.

All of these storage solution ideas are great, inexpensive ways to quickly add utility to your kitchen. Most of them can also fit well within your customized kitchen set-up, enhancing any renovations you may have already made.

If you would like more information all the different storage solutions available, see Kitchen Solvers – Storage Solution options. And be sure to research kitchen remodeling costs and their return on investment as you consider your kitchen remodeling project.

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