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4_4You’ve got a small kitchen design and that means you feel cramped when attempting to fix dinner, clean up after cooking, or putting things away. You’re pretty much stuck with your kitchen space. In other words, you aren’t planning to perform any major renovations such as a complete kitchen redesign or cabinet tear-out.

There are ways in which you can alter your kitchen and also make the most of what you have to help your small kitchen design become more spacious. Here are 6 cost-effective kitchen space saving ideas.

Kitchen Space Saving Ideas – Tip #1: Cart In and Out

A rolling cart that can be stored in a kitchen corner or in an adjacent hallway can be of great use. A rolling cart may be used as a cutting table or a food/cooking prep area. Or perhaps it’s a portable kitchen island for certain small appliances and/or various utensils that you use when cooking. Roll it in when you need it and roll it back out when you’re finished with it. Perfect for the small kitchen!

Kitchen Space Saving Ideas – Tip #2: Shelves and Other Devices

Most spaces have open wall areas in which shelving can be installed. Take advantage of any unused areas in your small kitchen by putting up shelves that may then be utilized to store a variety of items related to food prep and cooking. Shelving comes in a wide array of styles so pick a motif that best fits the décor of your kitchen. Hanging baskets can also be both decorative and useful. These baskets, which are suspended from the ceiling, are unobtrusive and exceptionally handy. Finally, many small kitchens stressed for space will incorporate an overhead track from which they can hang pots, pans, and the like from hooks.

Kitchen Space Saving Ideas – Tip #3: Portable Trash

These days trash is not simply trash. It’s a range of items including various recyclables that must be separated. These can take up precious storage space in your kitchen. Create an area of stackable containers for recyclables near your kitchen but definitely outside of your kitchen. For general types of trash use a small container kept under the sink or another out of the way place that you can empty into a larger bin stored outside the kitchen. Recycling bins and pull-out trash containers are several options to consider.

Kitchen Space Saving Ideas – Tip #4: Single Sink or Add a Sink Cover

If you have no need for a double sink, you’re losing valuable counter space. One solution is to install a single sink to recapture some of that space. You may then convert the space that held the second sink into a new kitchen countertop.

A simpler solution that allows you to keep the second sink while giving you more useful area with which to work is the addition of a sink cover. The cover may be in the form of a cutting board that fits over one of the sinks. It can be easily removed when you want to use your kitchen sink and placed back over it when needing more work area.

Kitchen Space Saving Ideas – Tip #5: Remove a Wall

One common but more radical solution for the small kitchen design is to open up the kitchen area by removing an internal, non-weight-retaining wall! This can greatly extend your kitchen space, giving you a lot more elbowroom. The flexibility this creates can be well worth the effort especially if the wall adds a substantial amount of depth or runs the length of your kitchen. Along with more floor room, this may also give you the chance to add countertops, cabinets, and drawers.

Kitchen Space Saving Ideas – Tip #6: Be Innovative

Although you may feel trapped in your small kitchen design, you can open it up in various ways. Along with the practical tips already covered, homeowners can also make their kitchen space feel larger by painting the walls and cabinets light or bright colors, using white appliances and taking curtains and drapes off of windows and letting in natural light.

Consider ways to better utilize the kitchen space you have, remove anything that’s rarely if ever used and add organizers to kitchen cabinets and drawers. If you’re like most people, chances are you can find 30 to 40 percent more space by simply reorganizing your storage spaces within your small kitchen design. Think out of the small box that is your kitchen!

And be sure to research kitchen remodeling costs and their return on investment if you are considering a remodeling project as part of your goal to create more kitchen space.

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