Enhance your space with a kitchen island

5_14Kitchen islands help make better use of space you already have during your remodeling project. But why a kitchen island? Because families are getting serious about their kitchens and many builders are going out of their way to be accommodating in the designs of the new homes being constructed. The kitchens are larger, designed to function more efficiently, and offer more standard and optional features than ever before. Kitchen islands can help eliminate the need to tear down a few interior walls to enlarge the room or even add on to your home.

3 Kitchen Island Designs to Enhance Your Space

Kitchen islands were initially conceived as a way to add a little additional counter space to a room where it might be in short supply or to serve as a partial divider between the kitchen and an adjacent room. However, it didn’t take long before creative designs, construction professionals, and homeowners transform simple kitchen islands into a versatile workstation that could serve many functions. Consider one of these island designs that combine additional counter space and storage with the ability to handle a few other daily kitchen functions.

Kitchen Islands – Design Idea #1: Command Central for Food Preparation

Imagine how easy meal preparation might be if just about everything you needed was within reach. A perfect solution can be a kitchen island that includes a couple of sink base cabinets with plumbing lines and a source for electricity in close proximity. Food prep islands might have a small sink for cleaning food, a gooseneck faucet for filling pots, and an electric or gas cook-top to do the actual cooking. The base cabinets in these islands provide plenty of storage for your pots and pans and a small drawer cabinet can be a great place for your cooking utensils and keeping spices close at hand.

Food prep islands normally consist of two rows of base cabinets situated back to back so there is still plenty of workspace on the countertop even with the room lost to a cook-top and sink. One of the best kitchen island designs to consider.

Kitchen Islands – Design Idea #2: Custom “Eat-In” Kitchen

If you’re trying to decide whether a table or kitchen island might be the best use of your available space, why not construct a custom combination? A table top can easily be made by simply extending your island countertop and providing support at the open end. Placing several base cabinets back-to-back can create the perfect width for a countertop that transforms into a meal platform at the opposite end of the island. Just slide a few chairs under the extension to have the ideal spot for a casual family breakfast or lunch.

Another variation on this theme is to use one row of base cabinets backed up to a framed knee wall that’s about six inches taller than the cabinets. A separate countertop placed on the knee wall that extends away from the island can form a perfect breakfast bar – all you need are a few stools. Make sure the extension is far enough to allow for knee room and that it’s supported by angled brackets. Stacked wall cabinets can be substituted for the framed wall and used to provide additional kitchen storage. Kitchen islands can be so multi-functional!

Kitchen Islands – Design Idea #3: For Wine Connoisseurs

Many studies report that a daily glass of wine can be good for your health, and if you like your supply close at hand, consider kitchen islands designs that include a wine rack or storage cabinet. Cabinet manufacturers offer many configurations that can store several bottles or put your entire collection on display. If you prefer that some wines be chilled before serving, consider adding an under-counter wine storage refrigerator to your kitchen island that can maintain almost 60 bottles at the perfect serving temperature.

Keep in mind when reviewing designs for your multi-function kitchen island that it shouldn’t affect your ability to use the rest of the kitchen efficiently. There should be at least three feet of floor space on all open sides of the island and four feet can be even better. If there’s a question as to whether the island is a good fit, consider using painter’s tape on the floor to create a footprint of the proposed designs you are reviewing or ask an experienced remodeling contractor for their advice.

And be sure to research kitchen remodeling costs and their return on investment if you are planning kitchen remodeling project as you consider various designs for kitchen islands.

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