The Ever-Versatile Kitchen Island

Favorite_Uses_For_A_Kitchen_Island_1920321333If there’s one place in the kitchen where people tend to gather most, it’s probably the island. A kitchen island is not only a great functional asset to the room’s design, it’s the centerpiece to the warmth and joy your kitchen creates. It’s usually at the kitchen island where you and your loved ones stand around, munching on appetizers, waiting for the roast in the oven to finish. In some cases, it’s where dinner is prepared, served and enjoyed. In others, it’s the place where your kids work on art projects or homework.

Ultimately, that’s the great thing about having a kitchen island. It can be whatever you want it to be. Here are a few of our favorite uses for a kitchen island. Let it inspire you during your next kitchen remodeling project.
A Place for Extra Storage

One of the best assets that a kitchen island offers is extra storage space. Those with smaller kitchens often think that they don’t have room for a kitchen island. But in actuality, you can save a whole lot of space elsewhere with this minor edition. Kitchen islands can be customized to best fit your kitchen, leaving plenty of room to cook, socialize and eat. All those bulky appliances, pots and pans and other dishware that you had no room for can fit snugly under your kitchen island. Cabinets will allow you to keep these items out of view, but shelves will let you show off and have easy access to your favorite dishes and sleek appliances.

For larger kitchen islands, there are even more storage possibilities. You can have pullout shelves and drawers installed, you can incorporate storage space for recycling and trash bins and you can even include a cubby area perfect for wine bottles.

A Place for Amenities

Another great aspect of kitchen islands is the fact that it’s perfect for a variety of kitchen amenities. Add a preparation sink, a dishwasher, refrigerator drawers or whatever else you can imagine. Your kitchen island can be built to be a haven for functionality. You can even add a stovetop and range hood to go over the kitchen island, making it the ideal centerpiece for entertaining and cooking.

A Place for Dining

As we mentioned earlier, kitchen islands are a great option for dining space. Smaller kitchens can benefit from incorporating a dining area into their kitchen island. There would no longer be a need for a kitchen table and chairs, saving you tons of additional space. Instead, you can create an extended piece of counter space to tuck stools and tall chairs underneath. More and more kitchen designs are choosing to combine the dining area with the kitchen. After all, the kitchen is often the heart of the home. So why wouldn’t you want to gather there for a big meal with the family too?

A Place for Cooking

By including amenities like a stove or prep sink in your kitchen island design, the space transforms into a hub for culinary creativity. Another way to make your kitchen island the best place for food prep is by choosing the right materials and countertop surfaces. Add butcher block to a section of your kitchen island so you can prep and chop with ease and efficiency. Butcher block is also naturally anti-bacterial, making clean up a breeze.

On the subject of kitchen island surfaces, keep in mind that you can easily mix and match your countertop materials. You can prioritize space and need by only using certain materials on a small section of your island’s surface. This is not only a functional, money-saving technique, but it also looks great too.

A Place for Kids

For families with children, kitchen islands are a necessity. Kids like to feel like part of the action, so having a place for them to work on homework or help out with dinner is a great asset. Not only that, but you can keep an eye on them too. Kitchen islands also present the opportunity for kids to learn and take part in cooking or preparing snacks. You can create drawers and shelves that are within their reach so they can feel independent and help you out all at once.

A Place to Move Around

In many cases, kitchen islands are firmly set to your floors, unable to move or budge. Ultimately you’re the one who moves around, going back and forth between the pantry and refrigerator, and back again to the kitchen island where you’re prepping food. This kind of buzzing around is not only tiring and time-consuming, but it can also be dangerous if you’re wielding a large knife or carrying a hot substance.

With this in mind, a new trend of movable kitchen islands has emerged. With wheels attached to the bottom, you can move your island to the best, most convenient place in the kitchen. If you know you’ll need to reach into the fridge a lot, move the island over to the door. When you need to go back to the stove, simply wheel the island over.

It’s also a great way to maximize floor space if you know you’re going to have lots of guests. This is especially ideal for homeowners with small kitchens. You can wheel the island out of the way for large social gatherings, making the most of your space. This kind of movable kitchen island provides all the function and storage you need for both small and large groups.

As you can see, kitchen islands offer endless opportunity for function and design. Have fun with it! Create storage solutions that fit your specific needs. Add colors and materials that fit your unique style. And most importantly, choose a design that you know you’ll love for years to come. Check out these kitchen island ideas to consider as part of your remodeling project.

For more great ideas for your kitchen design, or to talk to someone about making your own unique ideas come to life, contact a representative at Kitchen Solvers today. Together, we’ll make the kitchen of your dreams a reality.

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