Storage Solution Options to Improve Your Kitchen Functionality

Kitchens can easily become cluttered with appliances, cookware and other specialty gadgets. Trying to organize and find a place for all these items can seem overwhelming. Just when you think you’ve put away everything, another accessory shows up.

Luckily, Kitchen Solvers is here to help you with all of your storage needs. We have a number of creative storage solutions available so that you can solve all of your kitchen dilemmas. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite storage solutions below that we hope will inspire you for your own kitchen remodel.

1.  Custom Pantries

4_01_1Kitchen pantries are a great solution for those with lots of extra appliances, accessories and dry foods. Whether it’s a walk-in or a smaller space, pantries allow for a variety of different storage options. You can incorporate pullout baskets, counters and ample shelf space. With a custom pantry, everything can be found in one, organized place. You can even close it off with sliding doors so that it doesn’t take away from the other beautiful features of your kitchen.


2.  Under-the-Sink Drawers

4_01_3The space under your sink can often seem like a bottomless pit, making it difficult to find or reach items in the dark depths. One of the greatest ways to keep cleaners and dish detergents organized is with the addition of under-sink drawers. Sliding organizers and rollout drawers make it easy to keep cleaning supplies visible and accessible.

3.  Corner Drawers

It’s no secret that corners are tricky spaces when it comes to kitchen storage solutions. But with the emergence of the clever corner drawer, you no longer have to worry about those awkward spaces. With full-depth drawers that run diagonally into the corner, you can get the most out of your under-the-counter cabinet space.

4.  Appliance Garages


No one likes a cluttered countertop, which is why appliance garages are gaining popularity. For those machines that you use regularly, like a toaster or a blender, appliance garages are a great way to keep them tucked away, yet accessible.

5.  Pullout Spice Rack

4_01_5Spice containers and jars tend to accumulate over the years, leaving you with a mess. A pullout spice rack that is incorporated into your cabinetry is a practical solution to keep all of your spices organized. You can make the racks as wide or narrow as you want in base or upper cabinets, making it easy to store different bottle sizes.

6.  Backsplash Storage

This storage solution is not only convenient, it’s also aesthetically pleasing. No matter what size your kitchen is, you can easily incorporate open shelves, hanging bars and magnetic strips. Backsplash storage is a great way to display decorative accessories and offer easy-access to everyday utensil and cookware. It also allows you to utilize under-the-counter storage space for those items that are less frequently used.

Ultimately, these are only a few of the wonderful storage solution options out there. If you would like more information all the different storage solutions available, see Kitchen Solvers – Storage Solution options. And be sure to research kitchen remodeling costs and their return on investment as you consider your kitchen remodeling project.

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