Smaller Kitchen Space Saving Ideas

4_3If you’re working within a small kitchen design, you can find it rough going. Meal preparation, cooking, serving and cleaning up all require kitchen space. Many people dealing with a small kitchen design actually under utilize the space they have by simply allowing some areas to go to waste. Here are 5 kitchen space saving ideas that you can use to make your workspace a little roomier and your elbow room a tad wider.

Kitchen Space Saving Ideas #1 – Keep Your Kitchen Counters Clear!

If you have a small kitchen design, and that includes all-important counter areas, don’t clutter it with mail, books, homework, power tools or other such objects. Put everything away in the kitchen that belongs in the kitchen and keep everything not associated with your cooking out of your kitchen altogether.

Cluttered kitchen counters interfere with work, cause frustration, and lead to lost time and effort. Everything that is used in your small kitchen should have a place and that place should not be on any of your counters.

Kitchen Space Saving Ideas #2 – Maximize Pots, Pans and Knives

Ask yourself, “Do I really need a full set of pots, pans, and a knife block?” How many pots and pans do you truly use at one time? Can you maximize space while minimizing the number of cooking vessels in service? Most people can get away with about half the number of pots and pans they’re storing in those cramped and crowded kitchen cabinets. Two pots and two skillets will usually do the trick.

The same goes for kitchen knives. You need a serrated knife for cutting bread, a larger knife for chopping and a paring knife for fruits and certain vegetables. If you have knives sitting in a block on the counter, they are probably taking up valuable kitchen space.

Also consider all of your utensils. Are you using three whisks, four wooden spoons and five spatulas? How about that tenderizing hammer? If you do not use all of the extra utensils, then store them somewhere else for later use. Or, simply get rid of utensils and tools you never use. This alone could free up a lot of kitchen space!

Kitchen Space Saving Ideas #3 – Use Kitchen Organizers and Other Devices

Take a half-day or day to clean out all kitchen cabinets, rid your small kitchen design of any unnecessary or obsolete items, and then organize all that remains. Take some time to analyze your kitchen space and how a kitchen organizer may help make the most out of it. Some kitchen organizers create extra levels within cabinets, others can be installed on the inside of a door, offering you a place to put items, and still others let you hang utensils and such from the ceiling. Sliding shelves deigned for blind corner cabinets, lazy Susans, and rollout shelves can also be helpful kitchen space savers.

Kitchen Space Saving Ideas #4 – Store Dishes in a Hutch

Don’t store your dishes in your kitchen when you can store them and your silverware in a hutch where you dine. This can open up a lot of storage space back inside your kitchen. It may take a little longer to put your dishes away but it’s well worth the effort.

Kitchen Space Saving Ideas #5 – Built-in Microwave and Cabinet-depth Fridge

Instead of having your microwave sitting on a kitchen counter, why not get a built-in model? This alone could help you reclaim three to four square feet of kitchen counter space! Also, when purchasing a refrigerator, stay away from one that stands alone and juts out beyond your kitchen cabinets. Purchase a refrigerator that is at the same depth as our kitchen cabinet. This will automatically give you more floor kitchen space and allow extra room when you open the refrigerator door.

Make the Most of Your Small Kitchen

Maximizing a small kitchen design is possible. You want to make the most of every inch of kitchen counter, cabinet, and floor space. Basic clutter control is part of the solution and making smart decisions concerning what you store in your kitchen (and what you don’t) is critically important. With some planning and organization, your small kitchen will seem to be twice as big as it was before.

And be sure to research kitchen remodeling costs and their return on investment if you are considering a remodeling project as part of your goal to create more kitchen space.

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