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6_24Wine storage cabinets are being incorporated by more and more of today’s homeowners. Whether they’re dedicated oenophiles or just like an occasional glass of wine with their evening meals. There are many stylish wine storage cabinets to blend into their kitchen remodeling projects. Having your wine collection on display makes it convenient for celebrating special occasions, can be a great conversation starter when guests come to visit, and perhaps most important – let’s you know when your supply is getting low. Wine storage cabinets range from a simple cabinet add-on to a custom configuration – which you choose can depend on your budget and the size of your wine collection. This article will provide you with 5 tips to consider when selecting wine storage cabinets for your kitchen.

Wine Storage Cabinets – Tip #1: Stylish Options for Any Budget

Wine storage cabinets are something to consider when remodeling your kitchen because this can be a great opportunity to incorporate a feature you’ve always wanted. Many kitchen cabinet manufacturers now offer cabinets that allow you to put your bottles on display and some even have designs that enable your stemware to be handy as well. Even if you’ve decide to do cabinet refacing as part of your renovation, many wine storage cabinets come in standard sizes and can easily be added to your current layout.

Wine Storage Cabinets – Tip #2: Lattice Cabinets

Lattice wine storage cabinets resemble the skirting you’ve probably seen around the bottom of front porches on old houses. The cubby holes allow one or two wine bottles to be securely stored and the size of the cabinet dictates how many can be held. Lattice wine storage cabinets can be attached to the bottom of kitchen wall cabinets and are usually available in industry standard widths. Using a shorter wall cabinet might be used over a range or refrigerator and allows the lattice cabinet to be even with the bottom of your other kitchen cabinets. Or, you can choose one of the larger wine storage cabinets in order to fill the entire space.

Wine Storage Cabinets – Tip #3: Scalloped Cabinets

Scalloped wine storage cabinets are similar to lattice cabinets, but may be a better design for homeowners just starting their wine collections, or who normally only keep a few bottles on hand. The cabinets can be mounted to the bottom of a wall cabinet and have a stylish scalloped shelf that cradles each bottle carefully. The cabinets are available in several widths and will normally hold one or two rows of wine bottles.

Wine Storage Cabinets – Tip #4: Base Cabinets

Various cabinet manufacturers offer base wine storage cabinets in numerous configurations. The most budget-friendly units feature bottle storage in diagonal or vertical cubbyholes and can be installed on the ends of kitchen islands or the exposed end of a row of base kitchen cabinets. These cabinets are normally the depth of a standard bottle of wine so they don’t take up much floor space.

If your tastes are a little more extravagant, consider a base cabinet wine storage hutch. The cabinets are available as either a free standing unit or in a configuration that can be slid under your kitchen countertop next to your standard base cabinets. The hutches often feature lattice or scalloped wine racks, a storage area for supplies that can be closed, and even a rack to put your stemware on display. Wine storage hutches are available in various widths and the free standing units can be purchased in several heights.

Wine Storage Cabinets – Tip #5: Chilled Possibilities

Adding a wine storage refrigerator as part of your kitchen remodeling project will ensure you are ready regardless of the occasion or what’s on the menu. A wine storage refrigerator is ideal for the wine enthusiast because they know that certain wines are best when served chilled.

A small wine storage refrigerator is designed to fit under your countertop just like a dishwasher and free standing models are also available. Under counter models can normally hold about 50 bottles of wine at a perfect serving temperature.

If you do a lot of entertaining, a full size free standing wine storage refrigerator might be worth consideration. These commercial grade appliances often have room for almost 80 bottles of wine that can be chilled in two individual compartments and may have separate temperature controls.

A wine storage refrigerator of any size requires a power source. Be sure to check with your kitchen remodeling contractor to ensure they can be added to your design.

Regardless of the scope of your kitchen remodeling project, your budget, or the size of your collection, there should be stylish wine storage cabinets that could be ideal for your kitchen.

And be sure to research kitchen remodeling costs and their return on investment as you plan your kitchen remodeling project.

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