5 Inexpensive Kitchen Design Ideas

6_12A kitchen remodeling project can be a great way to freshen up the appearance of one of the most used rooms in your home and it may even increase the house’s value. But what can you do to take the room to the next level – to really make it stand out from other kitchens in your neighborhood? Believe it or not, many of the little touches that can turn an ordinary kitchen into a masterpiece of interior design often don’t add much cost to the project and can be done by most kitchen remodeling contractors.

Kitchen Remodeling – 5 Inexpensive Kitchen Design Ideas

Contrary to popular opinion, giving your kitchen a classy appearance doesn’t always require a large budget. Consider these economical and easy kitchen design ideas for your kitchen remodeling project:

Kitchen Design Ideas – Crown Molding

While you may be more familiar with crown molding being used to give a stylish look to formal living and dining rooms, the trim can also be installed to dress up the wall cabinets in your kitchen. Most cabinet manufacturers offer crown molding in numerous sizes and the same finishes as their cabinet lines.

It’s often a matter of personal taste, but many designers feel that the larger the crown molding, the more formal the room appears. If your kitchen remodeling includes aristocratic dark cherry cabinets, a four or five inch molding might be the perfect finishing touch, but two or three inch crown molding might look more at home on a natural oak finish. Crown molding can be installed at the top of your wall cabinets regardless of whether they meet the kitchen ceiling or there’s a little space above the boxes.

Kitchen Design Ideas – Valances

You may have heard the term “valance” associated with window treatments in the past and it’s used in much the same fashion when installing kitchen cabinets. A cabinet valance is a trim that spans the gap between wall cabinets separated by a window. In many cases, valances are used over the kitchen sink cabinet when it’s located on an outside wall with a window situated just above. Valances are normally five or six inches tall and available in many designs, but scalloped may be the most popular. The trim can also be used over double windows and is normally installed flush with the wall cabinet tops.

Kitchen Design Ideas – Appliance Panels

Have you ever seen a kitchen where the appliances blended in with the cabinets and wondered how it was done? In most cases it’s done with cabinet appliance panels that are available from many cabinet manufactures. The panels are a thin veneer in the same finish as the cabinets and are designed to fit snuggly over the appliance front faces. Appliance panels are available for many dishwasher and refrigerator models, but not all, so check with your appliance and cabinet manufacturers to determine if this is a design option for your kitchen remodeling project.

Many cabinet companies also offer refrigerator end panels in the same finish as their cabinets. They can be used to dress up the exposed side of a refrigerator located at the end of a cabinet run and should work with most models and sizes.

Kitchen Design Ideas – Shelving

If you have exposed ends on wall or based cabinets, consider adding some shelving to put a few favorite knick-knacks on display or simply as a place to keep cookbooks handy. Many cabinet manufacturers offer shelving specifically designed for installation at the end of cabinet runs and it’s normally available in the same finish as the cabinet boxes. While the shelving usually runs from front to the rear of the cabinet sides, other styles may also be available.

Kitchen Design Ideas – Glass Doors

Whether your kitchen is formal, casual, or something in-between, glass wall cabinet doors can be the perfect accent that causes visitors to ooh and aah when entering the room. Just about all cabinet companies offer wall cabinet doors set up to receive glass inserts, but you may have to purchase the actual panels at a glass shop. Glass cabinet doors can either have the appearance of a full glass lite or use mullions in numerous styles and configurations to give your cabinets the quaint appearance of having many small individual lites.

Glass cabinet doors can be installed by simply making a switch with the standard doors by unscrewing the hinges at the boxes. Clear glass is a popular choice, but many other options such as tinted, etched, or even bubbled are also available.

These are just a few methods for upgrading your kitchen without spending a bundle – check with your kitchen remodeling contractor to find out what other options might work for your project.  And be sure to research kitchen remodeling costs and their return on investment before you start your kitchen remodeling project.

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