3 Tips for Upgrading an L-Shaped Kitchen during a Remodeling Project

3_24One of the most common kitchen designs found in homes is the old reliable L-shaped kitchen. The layout gets its name from the cabinets and appliances that line two walls and meet in one of the room’s corners to form the shape of the letter in the alphabet. The other two walls may be partial or knee walls, be fully framed and contain entrances to the room, or simply be open to a dining area or family room.

L-shaped kitchen designs have numerous advantages such as having lots of countertop area and plenty of room to move around, but perhaps the biggest L-shaped kitchen designs attraction is how easily they can be transformed into luxurious culinary workspaces with a few simple additions or changes.
L-Shaped Kitchen – 3 Tips for Upgrading an L-Shaped Kitchen during a Remodeling Project

Kitchen remodeling can range from a simple facelift to a major renovation – the only limitations to what’s possible are often just your imagination and budget. Regardless of the scope of your particular project, an L-shaped kitchen can be the ideal blank canvas from which to start. Consider these suggestions for L-shaped kitchen designs:

L-Shaped Kitchen Designs – Add an island or prep station – L-shaped kitchens can be very conducive to the addition of kitchen islands – especially if the room is open to the rest of the home. The island can serve as a prep station with a cook-top and second sink and if a second countertop at a higher level is added, you have an instant breakfast bar. Maintain an aisle of at least three feet between the island and your existing cabinets so there’s plenty of room for cabinet and appliance doors to be opened without hindering your movement.

L-Shaped Kitchen Designs – Add a little atmosphere – an L-shaped kitchen has its cabinets on display from just about every part of the room or even other areas of your home depending on the room’s layout. Consider installing glass wall cabinet doors and interior or under-cabinet lighting fixtures that allow you to create a dramatic atmosphere with your kitchen. Glass doors are available in numerous styles and configurations that can range from antique to ultra-modern. Lighting fixtures can be hardwired by an electrician and operated by a single switch or dimmer control or choose DIY-friendly battery powered fixtures that can be found at most home improvement stores.

L-Shaped Kitchen Designs – Remodeling for tight budgets – if the existing cabinet boxes are in good shape, consider refacing your kitchen cabinets to save a little money on your remodeling project. Refacing involves installing a wood veneer on the cabinet faces and any exposed sides and backs so the exteriors of the cabinets look brand new. Cabinet doors and drawer faces are replaced during the process that allows the style and appearance of your kitchen to be completely changed at a fraction of the price of new cabinets. Refacing veneers, cabinet doors, and drawer fronts are available in most of the same wood species, styles, and finishes as new cabinets or finish your own to create a unique L-shaped kitchen appearance.

And be sure to research kitchen remodeling costs and their return on investment if you are planning a kitchen remodeling project for your L-shaped kitchen.

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